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Saturday, April 10th, 2010

yesterday i went to this ymca place in keswik and we had to do thiss crate stack were you have to stack industerial crates therewere 4 crates in a layer the crates are put in a sqare and me and Casan had to beat 12 layers and we used up all the blocks in 2 mins and got 15 layers but you have to stand on top of all the blocks and the wire that holds you up onely stops via a seatbelt system and then we had lunch so we all had the same  batered chicken fijitas, chips, beans and then chocolate chip sponge with custard and then an icecream

and then we did the king swing were you can go up to 40 foot in the aire then you release yourself and you swinng and you can also do back flips its was ausom.